Managed Detection and Response

We focus on the following aspects of the incident response life cycle.


Managed Detection and Response Service

Our focus is on improving your current cybersecurity posture and maturity level in incident detection and response. Many organisations are solely focused on preventative measures which is always the number one choice, our motto is prevention is better than cure. Organisations need to have a balance between defensive measures but also invest in a security team that can perform the detection and response. The quicker you can detect, react and remediate to the threat the more you reduce the possible damage that can be caused.

We have a three-pronged approach at Pangolin Security to achieving this which consists of people, technology and process.

Endpoint Telemetry
Reaqta analyzes your endpoint telemetry using our cloud-based detection engine composed of thousands of behavioral analytic use cases.
Facilitates compliance
A proactive approach to threat detection is now required to achieve compliance with the latest regulations and standards. With ThreatDetect, you can quickly elevate your organisation’s cyber security capabilities to a level needed to help meet the requirements of the GDPR, NIS Directive, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and more.
Evolving Detection
Our team of experts maintains industry-leading detection coverage for attacker techniques and investigates every potential threat via our proprietary analyst workbench.
Your SOC Ally
Pangolin's Security Operations Centre experts manage and monitor all the security technologies included as part of our toolset. By investigating and triaging all the alerts they generate, our analysts ensure that your in-house team is not burdened with the responsibility of around-the-clock threat detection.
Investigation & Automation
We only alert you to confirmed threats. A detailed threat report is posted in your SOC portal where you can customize automated response actions.
Cyberinsurance integration
Full audit trail and claim integration with our cyber security provider. The claim process is is automated to contain all the forensics evidence required for the insurance provider to assess the cost of the incident. This means fast payouts and fast remediation.
Basic Plan

Full 24/7 SIEM, UEBA, IPS & EDR Managed Service. Starting from:

£ 80/ HourGet Started
  • SIEMonster
  • Reaqta EDR
  • TheHive SOC
  • Suricata IDS
Advanced Plan

Basic Plan + Cyber security review and assurance. Starting from:

£ 160/ HourGet Started
  • OpenMISP
  • OpenCTI
  • Rapid7 Vulnerability Scanner
Premium Plan

Includes all the features of the Advanced Plan plus a full cyber risk management program. Starting from:

£ 300/ HourGet Started
  • Cyber Risk Management