Detect. Investigate. Remediate. 24/7.

Our priority is to protect your business from cyber attacks and most importantly have an incident plant to recover quickly with minimum business disruptions. Pangolin Security delivers enterprise grade detection and response at a fraction of the cost of building the capability in-house.


Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response combines multiple layers of defence to keep your systems and critical data safe from cyber threats.
Driven by a unique, human led approach, we bring together threat intelligence, 24/7 monitoring and incident response.

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Managed Security Services

Our managed security services include: SIEM (Managed Security Information and Event Management), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System).

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Cyber Risk Management.

Our cyber risk management toolkit includes: Organization Program, Cyber Risk Program, Cyber Policies, Assessment Audit and Monitoring Programs, Risk Prioritization, Cyber Budgeting, Incident Management Plans, Cyber Education, Cyber Insurance, Vendor Management, Compliance.

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About Pangolin Security

Pangolin Security is an experience CSIRT team with a combined experience of 2 decades in cyber security. We have worked on the most devastating attacks and developed a thick skin for it, this is why we are Pangolin Security!

A scalable cyber security service.

We have designed a scalable and lean solution service that will be able to follow your company’s growth up and down. We can reduce your security investment by reducing your cost expenditure to OPEX only. We follow young businesses into cyber adulthood.

Our Philosophy

Cyber is a business issue. The impacts are vast at the reputational, operational, legal and financial (ROLF) levels.

Complex Security Made Incredibly Simple.

Measuring Cyber Risk is challenging but not impossible. It is a new science that is evolving. Cyber is a business risk problem, not a compliance problem. It needs a more strategic solution. A smart cyber risk management strategy is part of a long-term integrated enterprise risk strategy, not a check box or one-time fix.

Our Solution

We offer best of breed of open source and commercial tools to protect your business.


We ingest security logs from existing AV & IPS vendors via proprietary or open APIs.

Easy deployment

Deployment and configuration of monitoring agents is fully remote and zero touch config.


Automated recovery from the most common attack types such as ransomware.

Managed SIEM

Open source SIEM service enhances threat visibility and supplies the experts required to analyse, triage and help respond to security alerts.


Response anywhere and anytime thanks to our fully remote SOC that works around timezones.

Managed EDR

Enhance visibility of attacks with a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service that integrates the latest EDR technology and leading threat hunters.


Cyber insurance aligned with your risk profile and exposure.


Detect and investigate threats as they move between the cloud and your premises.

A fully remote virtual security operation centre.

With cyber-attacks increasing in frequency and sophistication, it is more important than ever to proactively hunt down threats and mitigate breaches as early as possible. However, for many organisations, setting up a dedicated in-house security operations centre to address these risks 24/7 is simply not viable.

Our virtual SOC will give you unprecedented situational awareness of your security posture.

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In today’s heavily regulated landscape, organisations are under pressure to meet increasingly complex compliance requirements.

We work with you to help meet your responsibilities and demonstrate that you are taking action to protect your business, customers, stakeholders and partners.

Navigate through GDPR, Data Protection Act, PCI DSS and other required regulations.

Our Toolkit

We love our tools and we are constantly evaluating new open source or commercial products.

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Our clients.

We primarily focus on small, medium enterprises and startups. No company is too small for us. Please contact for a quote.

We are an IOT company with patented technology and production in Europe, we approached various MDR solutions but they were too expensive for our size. We found Pangolin Security and found very satisfied with their service offering. We definitely recommend them to other startups!

Cuneyt Gargin

We were really impressed by the team at Pangolin Security which gave us an initial free consultation to assess our security posture. They produced a detailed report to decrease our exposure and identified the most critical assets in our business to be protected. We signed up to their MDR service after the trial.

James Cabe
Founder,Sensability IO

Pangolin Security has been a blessing for our startup, even with a reduced cyber security budget we managed to perform a full security assessment and insurance policy for our needs. We then have also upgraded to their remote SOC solution which they have demonstrated during a live pentesting exercise.

Gordon McGregor
Energy Management,Nomad Energy Solutions

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